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Integrated automatic front and rear LED lights

Strong yet lightweight, the sturdy frame comprises aerospace-grade aluminum, which has a low density and high structural strength. It also has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance for added durability. AVANTE Electric Scooter is a great portable size and weight for carry-ons and maneuvering stairs and pavements. Safety lighting Headlights are essential for night riding, yet not all scooters have them. AVANTE Electric Scooter features ultra-bright 1. 1W headlights with a range of up to 6 meters for added safety. Red taillights flash distinctly while braking as a warning to other pedestrians and vehicles on the road. Up to 18. 6miles on a single charge several 18650mAh high-capacity lithium batteries deliver up to 18. 6miles of travel on a single charge. Smart battery management via the app displays the health of the battery pack and notifies you immediately if there are issues.

Technical Specs

  • Foldable: flexibly
  • Horn: built-in
  • Tire Size: 8.5''
  • Motor power: Min 350W, Max 700W
  • Max load: 120KGS
  • Max speed: 25 KM/H
  • Climbing Angle: 15 degrees 
  • Tire type: inflatable tire
  • Light: ultra-bright Front light & red brake light for safe braking.
  • Battery capacity 10.4Ah (375 Wh)
  • Battery type: 36V
  • Range Per Charge: 30-35 KM
  • Charging Time: 3-4h
  • W./G.W.: 12KG/15KG
  • Waterproof grade: IP54
  • Package Size: 115*15*58cm
  • APP operated.  (YouFS app)
  • LED Display (speed, battery, head, and taillight control)
  • Cruise control available. 
  • Three modes/speeds
  • Eco Mode up to   10 KM/H
  • Drive Mode up to 15 KM/H
  • Sport Mode up to 25 KM/H


  • Please read the user guide carefully.
  • Cruise control not recommended above speeds of 25 kmph, on curved paths, heavy traffic conditions, or during rainy and snowy conditions

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Full recharge in under 3-4 hours. From 25% battery, full recharge in an hour.


Weighs 4kg, the featherweight Red Sky Medical Avante weighs around 1/3 lesser of the other electric scooters on the market – perfectly proportioned to handle bumps on the road and carried onto public transport or into the office.


They are designed to offer the perfect blend of weight and range – with an impressive range of up to 25 miles dependent on terrain. It can, of course, be charged at your destination to deliver another 25 miles on the way home.


Our intelligent cruise control means you can flick a switch and enjoy the ride on a straightforward journey.


Innovative front and rear regenerative braking channels the energy created by braking back into the battery – charging the scooter as you ride.


Built-in front and rear suspension offer unrivaled shock absorption. Combined with solid rubber tires and extra-soft grip tape, the Merlin has been precision engineered to deliver the smoothest ride in town.

Slick Fold

The Red Sky Avante’s Foot-Engaged Folding Mechanism Makes Folding a Dream – Moving from Riding Mode to Half Its size with a simple tap of the toe. Effortless to fold, to pop back into a standing position, and to continue your ride.


Our Handlebar-Mounted Led Screen Gives At-A-Glance Access to Various Information to Help Riders Control and Enhance Their Ride – From Battery Life and Speed to Tracking Trips on Its Odometer. These All Syncs with Our Innovative App That Offers Even More Functionality to Increase Security and Tailor the Ride.


Our Merlin Can Travel at Up to 25mph – Generally Considered the Maximum Safe Speed for Electric Scooters. This Means Riders Can Reach Their Destination Five Times Faster Than Walking.

Automatic Lights

Our Electric Scooters Are Designed to Put Safety First – So Our Merlin Has Automatic Led Front and Rear Lights – That Are Activated by Low Light Conditions.

Solid Rubber Tyres

Our Solid Rubber Tires Are Durable, Long-Lasting, And Puncture-Proof. They Have Built-In Suspension to Handle Bumps and No Need to Maintain Psi – So Riders Are Free to Enjoy the Ride.


Our ergonomic rubber grips have been designed to provide long-lasting comfort and inspire mountain bike grips to be durable, grippy, and soft.


Lightweight and agile. Compact and foldable – for carrying and storing while on the go. We have enhanced battery life through intelligent regenerative braking, packed with smart features for an effortless ride.


Our lightweight scooters are designed for hopping on and hopping off. With a slick fold (even the handlebars can be tucked out) and compact size for storing under your seat or desk. The ultimate travel companion.


We are delighted the government has recently announced they will be piloting several e-scooter schemes across the Canada. However, you should still know that private electric scooters should only be ridden on personal property. We believe scooters have an integral part to play in the micro-mobility movement. We would welcome further clarification from policymakers to ensure E-scooters can be used as a viable, greener, healthier part of the transport network.

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