Redsky Titan Bladeless Heat and Cold Fan with brushless Motor. Remote Operated, Air Circulating Fan


Color: silver
Sale price$239.99


Very strong and light weight Cold and Heat Fan with Remote control. Best for summer and winter all season fan.

Redsky 32-inch Space Heater Bladeless Tower Fan have 3-speed warm wind modes and a 10-speed natural wind mode that is is great for all-season indoor home use. Product features fast efficient heating, timer function, quiet operation and 120° oscillating range.

Featuring a height of 32 inches and widely oscillation, this feature provides a uniform and wide cooling area, helping to deliver efficient heat flow to every corner that blows.

With a 3-speed warm air mode and a 10-speed natural air mode, this bladeless tower fan is perfect for all-season indoor home use, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of winter or cool off during the hot months.

Remote control gives you full control over all functions of the unit (heating mode, timer, oscillation). LED display and touch control are also optional.

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