4 code anti theft bicycle cable lock security combination password chain lock


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  • HIGH QUALITY --- The security lock is made of good quality steel, covered with ABS, high strength, anti-rust, resistant to sun exposure, waterproof, anti-aging, durable. Perfect for long term outdoor use.
  • KEYFREE --- Waterproof safety cable lock is easy to use without key. Do not worry about opening the locking cylinder. The average unlock time is about 15 seconds, easy to operate.
  • HIGH SECURITY ---Bicycle padlock with high level anti-theft performance. Great security performance of real password, guards your bike from thieves wherever you are.
  • PORTABLE --- The anti-theft chain lock is lightweight, compact, and flexible. Foldable design greatly reduces the locker size on the basis of largest locking space, and makes it more convenient to install and carry around.
  • MULTIPURPOSE --- The bicycle lock is ideal for locking door,bicycle, skateboards, gates and fences and

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