CPAPology Sleep Noodle


Size: small
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Promotes Side Sleeping: About half of people who snore do so when sleeping on their back, while finding relief when on their side. This is due to improved airflow while breathing. The Sleep Noodle helps to provide positional therapy while sleeping in bed. 


Comes in 3 Sizes: To help ensure a good fit, Sleep Noodle comes in 3 sizes. Before purchasing a Sleep Noodle, measure your chest circumference like in the diagram above.


Non-Slip Breathable Mesh Belt: Comfort is obviously important while we sleep. That’s why Sleep Noodle provides a breathable mesh belt along with an industrial strength hook and loop fastener to secure yourself at night.



  • A simpler & more natural anti-snore solution

  • Excellent cost effective positional therapy

  • Durable & easy to use

  • Non-slip breathable mesh belt with enhanced hook and loop fastener

  • Self-healing zipper


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