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✅  NO TOUCH HAND TOOL - Made from a solid piece of brass, the NoContactKey is made to help you "open doors & use on shared surfaces". By using the NoContactKey you avoid touching and contaminating yourself. You also lower the risk of spreading germs. This is a touchless keychain door opener to keep your hands a safe touch. The No Contact Key is a antimicrobial brass hand tool and hygiene hook door opener. It makes a perfect gift for a germaphobe to touch buttons and open doors.

✅  DOOR OPENER TOOL - This no touch germ utility tool is made of solid brass, the NoContactKey™ will work as a hygiene hand and cleankey. Open doors and a button pusher for protection so you don't get a cootie on your hand. This is your edc ( every day carry ) keychain hook. This button pusher tool is a clean key made to prevent the spreading of germs and for use in public spaces, on elevators buttons, atm pads, doorbells, gas pumps and checkout lines. Provides a safe touch to be hands free.

✅  GERM PROTECTION EDC UTILITY TOOL The NoContactKey is cut from solid brass using CDA C26000 Brass The dimensions are ergonomic so it fits in your hand. This door opener tool EDC keychain includes a stylus and is a brass door opener hands free door opener keychain hook. This is like a hygiene hand and no touch tool. The NoContactKey is made for a safe touch tool to avoid having to touch buttons, keypads and toilet handles. Use as a tool hook and for use as a hands free door opener.

✅  BRASS EDC DOOR OPENER This is the original brass door opener and used as a brass edc door opener that also includes a stylus. It is a no touch door opener used for protection. The ergonomic design is manufactured from solid brass and helps minimize your exposure to shared surfaces.. If you are tired of fumbling around for napkins or anything else to guard your hand when opening doors and touching things like ATM's, elevator buttons and pin pads. Use this as a safe key by avoid touching.

✅  ERGONOMIC DESIGN The NoContactKey has an ergonomic design that keeps you from dropping the NoContactKey while you are holding other things. Notched ridges help to keep the device from sliding too deeply in your pocket, and the small middle hole is perfect for attaching your key ring. The NoContactKey™ is used for opening doors without making direct physical contact due to the current pandemic. Attach to your key chain and use it to open doors or press elevator buttons without touching them.


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