RedSky PAPKlénz CPAP Cleaner with UV light

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Ozone sterilizer CPAP machine air sanitizer nylon material CPAP hose mask cleaner with UV Light

  • Kills 99% of Bacteria.
  • UV LED & O₃
  • Activated Carbon Filter Cotton
  • Quiet by Design
  • Travel Friendly

CPAP CLEANER: You'll clean easier and breathe fresher by cleaning your CPAP

UV LED LIGHT: Clean the coming air before converting it to ozone

Activate Carbon filter cotton: Effectively filter dust and eliminate odor to ensure fresh air coming

Tube Adaptor: Two tube adapters to transform or extend different tubes with strong compatibility to match most brands of ventilators 

Fast Disinfection: 20 minutes for the mask, 30 Minutes for CPAP, 40 Minutes for mask & CPAP

How to Use (Step by Step)

Connect Hose to Device
To start cleaning your CPAP machine with this sanitizing device, connect your machine's hose to the large circular valve that you'll find on one end of the portable sanitizing tool. Make sure the connection is secure so that it isn't broken after you turn the tool on.

Place Mask and Tank in Bag
You'll notice that there's a zip-up bag attached to your sanitizing tool, and you'll need to zip your CPAP machine's mask and water tank inside that bag to have them cleaned. You can zip them in individually, but there's nothing wrong with putting both in together, provided that they'll fit properly.

Power up Sanitizing Device
With your mask and water tank zipped securely into the attached bag, plug your plastic sanitizing tool into electricity and hold down the round power button for a couple of seconds. This will activate the cleaning process. The default amount of time that it'll take is 30 minutes, and once those 30 minutes have passed, the sanitizing device will simply beep and turn itself off.

Disconnect Device and Machine

Finally, after your sanitizing device has shut itself off, disconnect it from your CPAP machine by undoing the connection between its valve and the machine's hose. Following that, you'll be able to store your sanitizing device away in a safe place and use your CPAP machine as you normally would, after you've reconnected the water tank and the mask.


How It Works

If they're not cleaned regularly, CPAP machines can accumulate dust, allergens, and a variety of germs inside. Plus, the moist, humid environment inside each machine can also serve as an excellent breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and mold. To help you solve this problem quickly, your PAPKlénz device will sanitize the water tank, mask, and hose of your machine with activated Ozone. Once you start up the device, this activated Ozone will flow through it as a sanitizing solution within 30 minutes, and destroy 99.9 percent of the harmful pathogens that may be hanging out inside it. When you use this sanitizing device regularly, you'll end up exposing yourself to fewer pathogens via your CPAP machine. This, in turn, means that you'll be less likely to experience symptoms of allergies and colds or other viruses.

Package Includes:

  • Device
  • A/C Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Tube Connector
  • Travel Bag
  • Flexible Hose
  • User Manual (Bilingual)
  • Carbon Filter Cotton

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