Red Sky Air Purifier and Humidifier 2 in 1

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Exclusive on Redsky Medical 

Introducing the best combination of Air Purifier and Air humidifier. 

Make your house and offices bacteria and viruses free and blow the aroma at the same time.

Sleep mode 8 hours

When sleep mode is selected, the machine will automatically shut down after 8 hours of operation, allowing you to save power and worry.

Rapid operation

The new smoke-purifying function can quickly sense the smell of cigarettes, and in the rapid chronograph mode, it continuously runs at high speed for 120 minutes to purify the smell of cigarettes in the room faster.

Intelligent constant humidity
This product uses the latest atomization and humidification equipment, 0.8L capacity bacteriostatic water tank, intelligent constant humidity to maintain comfortable humidity: water shortage tips, multiple protection, humidification, and air purification in one, making you more worth having!


- Strong Suction Filter
- Aldehyde Removal Sterilization
- HEPA Purification
- Smart Humidifying



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