Redsky Medial 2 in 1 Electric Hair oil applicator and massager Hair Massager Scalp Applicator


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  • Introducing our latest scalp care innovation: the Scalp Applicator. This revolutionary tool allows you to evenly spread hair growth oil and other hair care liquids, promoting better absorption and addressing thin hair concerns. With its precise application, you can target the hair root without the mess of applying by hand. Upgrade your hair care routine today!
  • This design features a convenient containing mark for easy measurement. Its ergonomic design ensures a better fit to the scalp, while the soft plastic bottle cap allows for quick and efficient liquid dispensing. The tightly sealed edges prevent overflow or leaks, making it mess-free and easy to use.
  • Our Liquid Comb Storage Tank is easy to use! Simply hold the tank, rotate the suction nozzle, and remove it to fill with up to 30ml of liquid. Tighten the nozzle securely, then remove the protective cover. Hold the tank and slide the soft teeth along the scalp for a comfortable and effective application. After use, clean any remaining liquid and keep it dry for the next use. Enjoy a hassle-free scalp care experience with our innovative design!
  • Scalp Applicator with a sleek aluminum alloy outer casing, adding a touch of luxury and durability to your hair care routine. Inside, it features ABS material that is PBA-free for your peace of mind. Lightweight and portable, this applicator is perfect for on-the-go use. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and convenient grip, making it a must-have tool for your scalp care regimen.
  • With our scalp applicator's steel pin, you can guide the liquid directly to your scalp or hair roots without the need to smear it by hand. This clever design saves you up to half of your precious liquid, making your hair care routine more efficient and fun!

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