Redsky Therapy Hand Massager with heat and Vibration

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  • The Internal Space is Large - You can cover your arms with your hands to completely wrap the safety air pressure, press tightly on the rigid part, and push and massage strongly. Pamper every part of your hand and work on your fingers and knuckles to ensure complete relaxation.
  • Deep Hand Massage-There are thousands of bumps inside, so you can enjoy a deep massage on the palm that is easily overlooked. The pressure point massager can provide intense massage, combining compression and heating.
  • Suitable for Different Groups of People-Male and females have different hand tolerance ranges, so this product has male mode and female mode. By pressing the hands, stimulating the acupuncture points, and improving blood circulation, will provide you with the feeling closest to a real hand massage.
  • Heating Function-While massaging, the back area of ​​the hand is preheated (about 48°C) to make the comfort level rise linearly. It is enough to relax and enhance the effect of massage, providing you with the feeling closest to real hand massage.
  • Two Kinds of Air Pressure Massage-Massage particles on the back of the hand and tight air pressure massage. It allows you to get rid of the numbness of your fingers, joint pain, and relax your hands after a long day of work.

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