Emmanuel Macron Tests Positive for the Coronavirus - RedSky Medical

PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron of France has tested positive for the coronavirus and will work in isolation for the next week, prompting other European leaders he has met to take precautionary measures and complicating Europe’s efforts to overcome a crippling second wave of the pandemic.

The presidential Élysée Palace announced the illness on Thursday without clarifying Mr. Macron’s symptoms or the gravity of his condition. As one of Europe’s youngest leaders, at 42, the president is not among the most vulnerable to the virus, but its effects are known to be unpredictable. How open the presidential office will be about his condition as it evolves remains an open question.

Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, said: “Late last night, the president began feeling Covid-19-like symptoms. He immediately isolated himself and took a P.C.R. test. The result was communicated to us this morning.” He added that efforts were underway through contact tracing to identify anyone who met recently with Mr. Macron.